Greater Portland 2020

Greater Portland 2020 is an unprecedented, collaborative action plan for the Greater Portland of tomorrow. It’s an ambitious agenda, envisioned and created by over 40 public and private organization throughout the region to pursue the future we want, not the future that’s handed to us.

Greater Portland 2020 is a five-year action plan to achieve Economic Prosperity for All Across the Region by aligning business, education and civic leaders around regional economic priorities. We live in an incredibly vibrant and economically diverse region. Our pioneering spirit and penchant for ‘creating new’ inspires and attracts people from around the world, but our region faces challenges.

Greater Portland Pulse is collaborating with Greater Portland Inc to ensure that Greater Portland 2020’s data-based indicators are tracked and updated on a regular basis.

The Greater Portland 2020 plan focuses on three core strategies, People, Business, Place, with an emphasis on equity and advancement.